Sovereign Sisters Gathering in Black Hills

Since Standing Rock there has been much international networking of indigenous women & allies, and many of these women are gathering at the invitation of Cheryl Angel in her tribal homeland of Hesapa – The Black Hills of South Dakota. Other medicine women & wisdom keepers will be coming from Mexico, Brazil, Italy and other parts of North & South America and Europe.

Everyone should know peace. There is so much trauma inflicted upon people and the earth. We must show our children & communities what peace looks like within ourselves and in our lives.

More specific daily information will be posted soon, but ceremony will be held for and at 4 sacred sites, where you will hear stories, learn history, and pray:
Pe’sla – to wipe the tears of individuals & families
Wind Care – to celebrate the creation of life
Bear Butte – to acknowledge all medicine people & pipe carriers
Black Elk Peak – to honor the sacred energies of the earth, especially wakinya (thunder)

Borderlands Ranch is a beautiful, special, welcoming space very near Pe’sla. There are some lodges for housing & plenty of camping space (we will let you know the camping fee). There will be a moon lodge ceremony, a sharing of meal preparation, and time & space to do what we feel is needed & wanted. The week is ours to create and build together.

There is no charge for the event, but donations will be needed to cover the many costs involved. Soon we will add more information regarding camping, what to bring & other logistics. For ceremony, please bring ceremonial dress, lodge dresses, medicine, sage, sweet grass, tobacco, etc.

For inquiries you may call or text Fran Tatu at 512.626.7978.

* steps to building community around sovereign economies
* using our dollars to remove ourselves from systems harming the ecology
* practical steps to get off the grid
* decolonizing within our circles & communities
* learning indigenous ways to honor the earth & water
* making traditional food & beverages from scratch, including ancient ways of grinding rock corn and preparing
* how to be together in love & purpose & strength

Please note, men are invited to support the women.

Realize there is not much time to make plans and head to Hesapa, but hope you can make it happen if you know you are meant to be there.